Blacjack or black jack is a variant of the game 21 with French origin, a very well-known card game found in all casinos, it is a classic, many people still do not know not the rules of the game, here we are going to talk about all that.

This game of chance is played at seven, for 3 minutes, you lose when your hand exceeds the number 21 or when the hand of other players exceeds yours, of course this game does not is not one hundred percent due to chance, there is obviously a strategy adopted to increase the chances of winning.

In case you don’t know how to know what is the value of your hand , don’t panic, it’s very simple, just add the values ​​of the cards you have .

Blacjack: What is the value of a hand in a blacjack?

Goal of the game

  • Beat the dealer by getting 21 points with the first two cards.
  • Reach a value close to 21 without exceeding it.
  • To burst the croupie r by forcing it to draw cards until it exceeds the number 21.